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What Are Some tips to Keep my Hair Healthy?

Here are a few tips to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous.

1.  Do not wash your hair everyday

Instead of actually helping your hair this will cause it to dry out and weigh it down with product. The thicker and curlier the hair the less you have to wash it. If your hair is very oil try to find an everyday shampoo. An everyday shampoo contains less detergents which will not dry your hair out as easily.

2. Always use a conditioner after you shampoo.

This will provide moisture for your hair and also make it a lot easier to brush out.

3. Use a comb when you get out of the shower.

When your hair is wet it is more susceptible to damage because it is elastic and stretches. Instead of using a brush use a detangler and a wide tooth comb to get those knots out. Always always always make sure you start from the bottom and move your way up when combing or brushing your hair this will cause less damage.

4. Buy shampoo and conditioner that matches your hair type

Instead of using any old shampoo try to use something that suites you and is able to help your hair out.

5. Dry your hair the right way

Use a blow dryer sparingly. A blow dryer can cause your hair to dry out and you can end up with split ends instead use a towel. Do not roughly dry your hair with a towel pat the moisture out or buy a super absorbent towel to wrap around your head to dry.

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