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Beauty & Confidence

Just a thought on “Beauty is only skin deep.”

While this may be true in the long term, the fact is, when you look and feel your best you have confidence.   And a confident woman is a beautiful woman.  Your attention is OUT THERE … not looking in on yourself.

Look and feel your best at Intuition!

Dawn Shannon
Master Hair Stylist
Owner – Intuition Salon and Spa

Curling Irons

Dawn says:

“There are quite a few curling irons on the market today.

“I recommend the GHD (Good Hair Hair) because it not only works fabulously and lasts a looooooong time (great value!) but it also does NOT fry the hair as many other irons do.

“Go with the GHD – the tool that helps make “Having a Good Hair Day” on a daily basis a reality!”


Dawn Shannon
Master Hair Stylist
Owner – Intuition Salon and Spa

Hair Loss, Prevention and Solutions

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor and this article is written strictly from my 22 years of experience as a professional hair stylist.  This article is not intended to diagnose or cure anything.  If you have or suspect you have a medical condition resulting in hair loss, please see your health care provider at the soonest opportunity.

With that out of the way, there are several factors which can result in hair loss, and yes, age is one of them.  Is there something you can do about hair loss?  In my personal experience the answer is a resounding YES, you can!   Is hair loss completely preventable?  I honestly don’t know.  The KEY thing to remember in treating hair loss is that you have to do SOMETHING (it doesn’t magically stop all by itself) and that the SOMETHING you do has to be done routinely and consistently.

Hair loss may be the result of several different factors, including diet, reactions to medications, stress, etc., but the majority of people I have noticed suffering hair loss are those who have experienced a MAJOR PHYSICAL CHANGE, such as pregnancy, major weight gain or loss, surgery or some other Life Shocking Experience, and they start noticing hair loss about three months later.  The good news is – IT USUALLY COMES BACK!

My VERY FIRST recommendation is to search out a really great nutrition specialist that can help you with hair loss.

My NEXT recommendation is get a water filter. And have yours checked routinely! Big factor in hair loss. You don’t have to purchase a fancy water system for your hair if its not in the budget. Go to Home Depot or Lowes and  go to the water filter isle. Get one that fits your shower head. Should not cost you more than $25. This will also help if you have your hair colored and will be a big help in preventing color fadage. It will not re-place using the right shampoos and conditioners for your hair.

Another major factor in hair loss is BAD WATER.   The area where I live has horribly hard water, which gets so bad a times that I start noticing considerable hair loss on my clients.  Because of this I’ve researched ways to help them find solutions.   It actually gets so bad sometimes that I observe considerable hair loss on some clients, which is why I simply had to help find some solutions for them.

Another question I get asked is – “Does hair color, chemical straightening or perms cause hair loss?”   My answer is no, not in my experience.  A bad, non-professional application of these could cause hair “breakage”  which occurs from breaking at the shaft, not coming out of the root. (but this is not the same as hair falling out of the scalp itself) so don’t blame your Professional Hairdresser for baldness.


Products and Solutions.

Here are some products and solutions that I have found to actually work for hair loss.  Some of these don’t work for everyone, other do.  And yes, some of these items can be purchased in my shop or elsewhere … the point here isn’t about making a sale but to help you.  I will be adding to this list and updating this article as I find more workable solutions.

1. My all-time favorite product is NIOXIN, a professional Salon line of hair care products.  They have a great deal of information on hair loss on their website and their products are amazing.  They have shampoos, scalp treatments and more, and further information can be obtained from any Salon that carries the line.  The two best NIOXIN products that I consider “must-haves” are the FOLLICLE BOOSTER and the VITAMINs – follow the directions exactly and they WORK.

2. Next is a Chinese herb called “Yang Xue Sheng Fa Capsules” – which is herbal and stimulates scalp circulation.  This herb seems to work for many people, although I really wouldn’t be able to give you the technical explanation of HOW or WHY, sorry!

3. Third is a product called “Ultra Hair Plus”, which can be purchased at many health food stores.

4. I also met a lady who claimed to have lost her hair completely – TWICE!  She now has thick, beautiful hair and actually wrote a book about her experiences and what solutions she found to fully handle her hair loss.   Her name is Jeanne Powers  and her book can be found at

5. My other main solution is to have my client install a water filter directly on their shower. These are available quite inexpensively from any home improvement store and last about three months before the filter needs to be changed.  Even if your entire house has “filtered” water,  getting the extra filter on the shower head you use to wash your hair most often will help to greatly reduce hair loss.   And do NOT be afraid to wash and brush your thinning hair normally.  Some people tend to wash and brush their hair less if it is thinning, thinking less will fall out if they handle it less often.  In reality, quite the reverse is true!   Thinning hair NEEDS the added circulation provided by routine wishing and brushing, so don’t neglect it.

6. I’ve also had clients who had trouble with thinning hair and my solutions above didn’t get the expected results.  These I sent to a naturopath / nutritionist and they discovered a weak thyroid (or what have you) and when THAT was handled the hair started coming back using my advice as above.

As far as Rogaine goes…I really have no data. I have one client who used it and said it worked.

Remember,  above all,  that something CAN be done about it and the key is to make a change, try these ideas and see for yourself which gives you the best and fastest results for your hair.

Lots of Luck!

Dawn Shannon
Master Hair Stylist
Owner – Intuition Salon and Spa

The longest, most beautiful lashes possible!

Happy 2011 from all of us at Intuition Salon and Spa!

Here is a TIP & TECHNIQUE that I would like to share with you, on how to have the longest, most beautiful lashes possible.

The first step is applying a product called Blinc Long-Lash morning and night.  This will aid in the growth of our lashes.

The next is applying the Blinc Lash Primer,  after the Long Lash and before the Mascara.

Finally, apply the new Young Blood Mascara, which has been re-formulated and it’s amazing how long and thick your lashes will be! (Young Blood Mascara comes in Brown and Black.)


Of course, these items are carried here at Intuition, and the prices are:

Blinc Long-Lash $48  -:-  Blinc Lash Primer $19  -:-  Young Blood Mascara $24

So, this is my personal discovery and I’ve found it to be absolutely amazing for creating long, beautiful lashes.

(If you have any questions please feel free to call 727-443-2927 – any of our amazing staff will be happy to help you.)

Dawn Shannon
Master Hair Stylist
Owner – Intuition Salon and Spa

BRAZILIAN KERATIN TREATMENT seems to be all the rage … but what are the facts?

Right now one of the hottest treatments for hair is the BRAZILIAN KERATIN TREATMENT.

What is Keratin?  It is basically a protein that is sealed into the hair.

What are the benefits?  First off it depends on what kind you are getting. There are brands which contain Formaldehyde – but there are many that do not. There is no need to use Formaldehyde Brazilian Keratin Treatments as there are a large amount of Permanent Hair straighteners such as Japanese Thermal Reconditioning that are not organic but does not contain this harmful ingredient formaldehyde. You can also finish off a straightening treatment with the non-formaldehyde Brazilian.

So what are the benefits?  First off, by sealing in the keratin (protein) into the hair…it puts an incredible shine into your hair…even while keeping it curly. The Brazilian Keratin treatments that I have worked with also TOTALLY ELIMINATE FRIZZ … on curly, wavy, or straight hair. If you have wavy or curly hair, when you style your hair after treatment it literally cuts your styling time in half!  It is WAY easier to style your hair, make it straight,  or anything you want to do.

People ask me a lot…can I still curl my hair. Yes you can…this isn’t a straightener which sometimes can inhibit curling your hair. The Brazilian Keratin treatment also protects your hair from the sun and outside elements, it really, really helps to get your color to stay longer and helps to keep it from fading. So who is a client for this…we have done people of all kinds of hair..whether it is ethnic hair, kinky, super curly, wavy, fine hair…all different types of hair.


So how long does it last? It lasts about 4 months. I find what works best is do it, then 2 to 2 1/2 months later do it again and it seems to last about 5 months after that.

When can you do this? Anytime – even after a color service, even after doing the lightest of blondes or even on the most damaged of hair, BECAUSE it is a very intense conditioning treatment.  It is a treatment that is flat ironed in your hair. How long do you have to wait before washing your hair? 24 hours. Some it
is 48 hours.

The MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS THIS: Listen to your stylist about maintenance!  Do not use products with sulfates in them. Sulfates ruin the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Your salon will recommend what you need to use on your hair after this service.  They are not just trying to “sell you something”!  Home maintenance products are essential – more so than any other salon service I have experienced.

Just another note – this service is one of the most popular services and people are so happy with it that they want to do it over and over again!

Dawn Shannon
Master Hair Stylist
Owner – Intuition Salon and Spa