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Organic Keratin Hair Treatment!

A Keratin Treatment will relax curls, eliminates frizz, and make your hair smooth with a beautiful shine.  It is great for all hair types and last 2-3 month. This treatment will help you better manage your hair and also cut blow drying time in half. At Intuition our Keratin Treatment is organic and does not contain formaldehyde.

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Dawn Shannon’s Intuition Salon and Spa is proud to offer Organic Hair Care, Color Correction, Hair Color, Organic Skincare, and many natural and organic products and services. And our Boutique features a wide variety of gift items for any occasion including, jewelry, candles and organic soaps!

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Smooth to Perfection

Most people desire a fierce hair day everyday. For some that may be harder to achieve than others, Not for lack of effort or care. Some people naturally have amazing hair all day everyday (certainly not the author of this article). While it would be nice to wake up ready to go everyday, that is typically not the situation for most of us. Battling frizz or wild hair can be tough. Especially in a hot and humid climate. Living in Florida can present several problems for hair styling. Fear not. Where there is a problem- Intuition will provide a solution.

One of the most common problems people face with their hair is frizz. There are many things that can cause your hair to frizz. Most of the time your hair will frizz due to lack of product, the wrong products, or even applying the correct products incorrectly. There are other factors that can affect your hair as well like excess heat and lack of moisture. Let us not forget that climate can have a HUGE impact on your hair. Each of these could be presented as a problem. Intuition has the solution.

Keratin has been widely talked about as a solution for many hair difficulties. Intuition is excited to offer a Smoothing Keratin Treatment. We use the highest quality professional products to achieve the safest yet most effective results. Our Smoothing Keratin Treatment is Non-Toxic and Formaldehyde Free! Our smoothing Treatment is safe for all hair textures and will soon be your favorite hair treatment. You will notice that your hair not only looks silky smooth, shiny,  and luxurious but it will feel soft and healthy to the touch.

Intuition offers several Organic Hair Treatments that will give your hair lasting results. We specialize in Organic Hair Color, Organic Hair Color Correction, and so much more.  To find the perfect fit for you, book your FREE Hair Consultation today!

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Pictured above is a Before & After  of the Smoothing Keratin Treatment by Stylist, Dani.

BRAZILIAN KERATIN TREATMENT seems to be all the rage … but what are the facts?

Right now one of the hottest treatments for hair is the BRAZILIAN KERATIN TREATMENT.

What is Keratin?  It is basically a protein that is sealed into the hair.

What are the benefits?  First off it depends on what kind you are getting. There are brands which contain Formaldehyde – but there are many that do not. There is no need to use Formaldehyde Brazilian Keratin Treatments as there are a large amount of Permanent Hair straighteners such as Japanese Thermal Reconditioning that are not organic but does not contain this harmful ingredient formaldehyde. You can also finish off a straightening treatment with the non-formaldehyde Brazilian.

So what are the benefits?  First off, by sealing in the keratin (protein) into the hair…it puts an incredible shine into your hair…even while keeping it curly. The Brazilian Keratin treatments that I have worked with also TOTALLY ELIMINATE FRIZZ … on curly, wavy, or straight hair. If you have wavy or curly hair, when you style your hair after treatment it literally cuts your styling time in half!  It is WAY easier to style your hair, make it straight,  or anything you want to do.

People ask me a lot…can I still curl my hair. Yes you can…this isn’t a straightener which sometimes can inhibit curling your hair. The Brazilian Keratin treatment also protects your hair from the sun and outside elements, it really, really helps to get your color to stay longer and helps to keep it from fading. So who is a client for this…we have done people of all kinds of hair..whether it is ethnic hair, kinky, super curly, wavy, fine hair…all different types of hair.


So how long does it last? It lasts about 4 months. I find what works best is do it, then 2 to 2 1/2 months later do it again and it seems to last about 5 months after that.

When can you do this? Anytime – even after a color service, even after doing the lightest of blondes or even on the most damaged of hair, BECAUSE it is a very intense conditioning treatment.  It is a treatment that is flat ironed in your hair. How long do you have to wait before washing your hair? 24 hours. Some it
is 48 hours.

The MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS THIS: Listen to your stylist about maintenance!  Do not use products with sulfates in them. Sulfates ruin the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Your salon will recommend what you need to use on your hair after this service.  They are not just trying to “sell you something”!  Home maintenance products are essential – more so than any other salon service I have experienced.

Just another note – this service is one of the most popular services and people are so happy with it that they want to do it over and over again!

Dawn Shannon
Master Hair Stylist
Owner – Intuition Salon and Spa