How do i make my hair look glossy?

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your hair have a more glossy look.

1.Use a clarifying shampoo.

Your hair can get full of dirt and grime surprisingly quick. Using a clarifying treatment will thoroughly clean your hair and take out all the chlorine, salt, and dirt. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week will cleanse your hair and take all the nasty stuff out of it. Using one too much will also take the good stuff out of your hair. But overall a clarifying shampoo can improve how glossy and healthy your hair looks which is great.

2. Skip the sprays and use the argan oil.

Argan oil will reduce frizz and give you the glossy look you are looking for. Sprays contain mica a mineral that roughens up your hair and causes your hair to work against the natural gleam. These sprays do give you a great short term shine but in the long term it destroys your hair.

3. Use a natural bristle brush

People say using any brush is ok for your hair, but everybody’s hair is different and most people require a different brush then the normal run of the mill brush. Some people might want to use a natural bristle brush. This brush will distribute the oils from your roots to the rest of your hair. This will allow your hair a more glossy and healthy look and also boost overall growth.

4.Use a overnight mask for your hair.

I know it sounds weird a mask for your hair how does that work? Well its pretty simple put some coconut oil in your hair and a towel on your pillow and go to sleep and this will apply the oils your hair craves while your sleeping. This will make your hair shiny and glossy and its also very very very easy. So just do it: apply, sleep, wake up and you look beautiful.

Glossy Hair

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