How do I keep my Hair Straight?

Many people ask how do i keep my hair straight all day long?

Well here are a few tips to keep your beautiful hair straight!

1. Make sure your hair is dry before straightening it.

There are a lot of different types of hair straighteners. Some are designed for wet hair some are not. Chances are you have one that is meant for dry hair. So when you get out of the shower dry your hair with a towel till it is damp then blow dry. This will reduce damage with the individual strands of hair and also save you some time with the straightener your using.

2. Use a professional flat iron.

Sure they might be expensive in some cases but most of the time you wont have to spend to much for a good straightener. A professional hair straightener will evenly heat your hair and do what the cheaper hair straightener don’t do. This will help your hair and not allow for damage to certain parts of your hair. This will also help with the length of time it will last once your hair is straightened.

3. Use dry shampoo after styling.

Use a dry shampoo to reduce moisture buildup in the hair this will keep your hair straightened a lot longer then without a dry shampoo.

4. Stay away from moisture.

When done straightening your hair DO NOT use water based products. This will result in time wasted stay away from coconut milk. When going outside wear a hood or use an umbrella. Keep your hair away from moisture as long as possible to keep it straight.

Straight hair at Intuition.

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