Facials What are They Good for?

What are facials?

Lets start out with a simple question about what these facials really are. A facial is a type of spa therapy and massage that can help clear up the skin. Facials can help clear clogged pores, hydrate skin and remove dead skin cells. Facials include a massage that can increase lymphatic blood flow and also ease the tightness of the skin reducing wrinkles.

What are some benefits of a facial?

Facials help reduce the impact of sun exposure, smoking and other environmental factors as well as incorrect product use.Women are more susceptible to aging due to stress. Facials help reduce stress. Stress is a premature aging process it can also act as a way to shorten skin cells life span, also aggravate acne and skin inflammation. Here at Intuition Salon and Spa we have plenty of take home products for facials so you can always look your best. Facials can also reduce dryness of skin, dirty pores, and even blood flow in the face. It is very important to be using the right products or to get a facial every other week. Doing this will reduce wrinkles in the face and can also reduce stress on the biggest organ in the body, the skin.

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