The Cure for Happy Feet: Benefits of Getting a Pedicure!

Everyone wants to show off every part of there body during summer. Getting a pedicure is one way to do that. Pedicures are not just for style they are also used to get rid of harmful toxins in your body.

Pedicures release harmful toxins built up in the body it also increases blood flow within the body. Your feet are also exfoliated during the process too allowing your dead skin cells to go and allowing for newer healthier skin cells to take its place.

Regular pedicures can also detect early signs of conditions that could be eliminated or lessened before these conditions get worse. These include and are not limited to fungal infections, corns and bunions. Routine clipping and trimming will also decrease the chance of ingrown toenails.

A pedicure will also moisturize dry skin leaving your cuticles and skin feeling very clean and soft. Lastly a pedicure cleanses your feet but it also helps you relax., A pedicure comes with a foot and leg massage that helps you relax and relieves your stress.

Pedicures allow for you to look and feel beautiful for the summer.

Intuition Salon & Spa Mani and Pedi



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