Can Organic/Natural Products Help Your Hair Grow?

There are so many products we are being told work the best and that are the only solution to all of our hair problems.

Organic/Natural Products

To put it simply Organic/Natural products do not have the sulfate, alcohol, silicone, parabens, and even traces of anti-freeze that artificial products have.

However, natural/organic hair products have the herbs, essential oils and vitamins necessary to improve the quality of your hair.

These natural ingredients help stimulate your scalp which boosts the blood flow, nourishes hair follicles, and keeps your hair healthy. Hair follicles are what makes your hair grow. Increasing blood flow to these follicles allows for more production of the protein keratin which in turn creates more hair.

Not all salons use organic products. Instead most still use the chemical filled products that we have grown to hate. So before finding your salon home do your research.

Thankfully all the products we use at our three locations in Clearwater, Largo, and St. Petersburg have all the nutrients necessary to boost your hair & handle the actual issue instead of covering it up!

Intuition Salon & Spa Organic/Natural Hair Products

Come in to our Salon in Largo, Clearwater or St. Petersburg to learn more about our Organic products.


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Dawn Shannon’s Intuition Salon and Spa is proud to offer Organic Hair Care, Color Correction, Hair Color, Organic Skincare, and many natural and organic products and services at our 3 locations in ClearwaterSt. Pete, and Largo.   Also, our Boutique features a wide variety of gift items for any occasion including, jewelry, candles and organic soaps!