Brissle Brassle Brush Whats Your Brush Type

Ever go to the salon and they use the most magical tools and your hair is styled perfectly?  The main tool to making your hair perfect is the brush. You get to the check out counter and see brushes and brushes and there are so many to choose from.   There are brushes for different types of hair and to achieve a different type of looks, and with the right brush you will have amazing hair and a vibrant shine.



The Round Brush

Look: Creates curls, bounce and lots of volume. Great for all types of hair.

Pros: Speeds up Dry time.

Cons: Not for damaged hair. Note: If you have concerns talk to a stylist and we can help you with preventive treatment.

Paddle Brushes

Pros: Great for entangling hair

Vented Brushes

Look: For short to shoulder length hair

Pros: Creates shine

Cons: Long dry time

Denman Brushes

Pros: Great for really dense curls and textured hair . Plus creates smooth and shiny curls.

Mixed Bristled Brushes

Pros: Pros Great for Curly hair and adds volume to curls

Cons: Only can be used with wet hair

Boar Bristled Brushes

Pros: Great for thick hair

Cons: The brush needs to be soaked in hot water for 20 minutes

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