How Does a Foot Detox Work?

How Does a Foot Detox Work?

An ionic foot detox turns the hydrogen in the water to a positive charge. This then allows the negative ions in your body to be pulled out of your body through your feet. These negative ions then cling to any metals or toxins in your body. This then gets pulled out of your body and vualah the toxins are gone.

To put this into simpler terms its like a magnet trying to find another magnet. The positive of the side is the water the negative side is in your body. Since opposites attract then the toxins are pulled out.

This process does not hurt nor will it injure you. If anything it will make you tired since it takes the toxins out of your body in 30 minutes. We do recommend more than one foot detox this will fully clean your system and make you feel a lot better.

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