Another 5 Hair Myths Answered!

Here are another 5 hair myths proven wrong!

1. If you have greasy hair skip conditioning

This is totally false. Your hair gets greasy because too much sebum is being produced from the tissues of the scalp. Instead of skipping the conditioning try a clarifying treatment like clarpHx.

2. The sun is the best way to lighten your hair.

True it can lighten your hair but it is not healthy. Just like how the sun burns your skin it burns your scalp. which causes damage to your hair and head. Instead of letting the sun damage your scalp use an all organic lifting cream. This will lighten your hair instead of letting the sun do it for you.

3. Lather, rinse, then repeat

You shouldn’t have to repeat while shampooing. If there is a lot of product being used or an huge amount of buildup then you should. But most of the time you shouldn’t. Use a mild shampoo this will eliminate irritation. Also lather gently to avoid breakage.

4. Sleeping with your hair down will make it grow faster

This is not true. It is usually recommended when thinning or hair loss is occurring. This is recommended because when sleeping with your hair up it causes tension which can pull hair out of your head. If you prefer to have your hair up then wear a loose ponytail. A loose ponytail can eliminate extra breakage and hair loss.

5. Your eyebrows need to match your hair color

The current trend is stating your eyebrows should be darker than your hair. But this isn’t always the case. Most of the time your hair color does not match your eyebrows. This is purely based on genetics and whether or not you get them colored.

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