How does hair actually work?

We all have it (well, most of us!) but do we really know “How Does Hair Work”?

The hair starts in the root and forms with cells to make keratin. Keratin is what your hair is made out of. Then this hair that is made pushes up through the a follicle or a tunnel and replaces the old strand of hair. A blood vessel at the base of the hair feeds it and keeps the hair growing.

This process of regrowth is constantly happening because hair is always falling out. Around 100 strands of hair fall out of your hair everyday. This can be caused by brushing, combing, washing or even just sitting there.

How is That Hair Color Made?

Hair can come in many colors blonde,red,brown, black and many more. These colors are caused by melanin this is the pigment that makes the hair color you have. Black or brown hair contains more melanin then blonde or red hair. When your older you start to loose the melanin in your hair causing your hair to turn grey.

Take Care of Your Hair

Take care of your hair. Always wash it when you need to but not to much. Brush your hair once or twice a day. You do not want to brush to much this will cause unwanted damage to your hair.


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