5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy!

What are 5 Ways I can keep my hair healthy?

1. Eat Protein

Including protein in your daily diet will allow your hair to grow back faster and healthier. Since your hair is made up of proteins eating eggs, chicken, fish, or even beans if your vegetarian.

2. Relax

Stress can and will cause your hair to fall out. So things like walking, running, riding a bike, and even sitting down and just watching a T.V. show. All of this can help destress and keep your hair from falling out.

3. Get Regular Haircuts

Getting regular trims gets rid of those nasty split ends that stop your air from growing. Just go to your local salon and get a haircut and this will help your hair grow long and healthy. The ideal time to get haircuts is a month to 6 weeks.

4. Be Nice to Your Noggin

This is a no brainer but its still a very important part of having nice hair. Don’t brush your hair more than you have to. Don’t use blow dryers and straighteners or very hot water all of this can destroy the proteins in your hair and cause your hair to take damage.

5. Use Organic Products as Much as Possible

Using all organic products will keep your hair healthy and wont cause any damage to your hair like those other nasty chemical filled shampoos and conditioners. Getting a product that is sulphate free and all organic is one step closer to getting that beautiful hair that you’ve always wanted.

Healthy hair

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