3 Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthier

Many clients ask:  “What can I do to get healthier skin?

Here are 3 ways to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

1. Protect Yourself From the Sun

Wear sunscreen when you go out sunburns cause skin cells to die and they hurt. Avoid the sun wear hats long sleeved shirts and pants all will help with protecting the skin. Try to avoid the times 10am to 4pm because is when the sun is the strongest.

2. Treat Your Skin Gently

Limit your bath time hot water can strip your skin of the oils making it dry out faster. Try using warm water instead. Avoid strong soaps these can also strip oils from your skin. Pat dry you skin when your done washing this will allow moisture to remain on your skin. And lastly moisturize your skin getting a facial or using moisturizer will allow for your skin to stay healthy and bright.

3. Eat Healthy and Manage Stress

Eating healthy doesn’t just help your skin it also helps everything else! Eating healthy will make you feel good and look good. manage your stress uncontrolled stress can cause acne breakouts and other skin problems. Get enough sleep have a spa day try to stay relaxed or your skin will have a breakout.

Healthy Skin

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